Lemon Bomb Face (part 1): America Needs a Daddy
Emergenc/y (installation view on monitor)
Reclaim View From Above
  Untitled (How Success Fails) , Installation view Sculpture with wood, dirt, polymer, resin, mixed media 124 x 10.5 x 4.25 in 2015
 Cardinals & Drones 1 Chalk on blue paper mounted on board, steel frame 24x36 inches 2014
By The Millions, (showing pair Cluster (right) & Follow (left))
   Blocks [Life Without Desire]  Mechanical sculpture with soil, granite slab, motor, hand crank. 6 x 7 x 4.25 in 2013,  SOLD  View video  documentation
 Timepiece #1, #2 and #3 (Installation view) Three-part mechanized sculpture "clocks" with wood, dirt, gears, motor, brass and mirrors 96 x 3 x 3 in 2016
Hotspots (Dead Pixel #1)
  Little Battle (version two)  Second version of mechanical sculpture with wolves, sound, mixed media 15 x 10 x 11 in 2014
  Not Going Anywhere  Mechanical sculpture & interactive video installation built into acrylic casing. Components include a live camera, LCD, repurposed parts from a piano and a typewriter, Zoetrope built from microwave parts and drawings, insulation pipe, 2-way mirror, bird skull and pushbutton switch. 15 × 12 × 6 in 2013-2015  Installation photos courtesy of Porter Contemporary Gallery NYC
  Place With A Pulse  Single-channel video with sound 1920x1080 2013 This gallery displays selected video stills from the work's footage. This two-minute sequence includes a hidden cam beneath a red bird, and the artist engaged in several acts: repeatedly hitting her chest while covered in dried clay, laying face-first into a hole in the ground, and holding a mirror to reflect the sun back at a flight drone camera. There are pulsing sounds throughout the video that fall in and out of sync with the movement [or non-movement] of each image. For the video's first screening, viewers sat in an undersized red chair and watched through worn video glasses with ear buds. Images are courtesy of the artist and Porter Contemporary Gallery, New York.
  Rats Run  (for animation) Graphite on vellum 11" x 14" 2013
Untitled (Performance with skulls and sledgehammer)
  Installation view for  It's the Political Economy, Stupid  at the NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus.  Post-Fordist Variations , contribution of The Institute For Wishful Thinking [IWT] artist collaborative.